So far, so good!

A friend who is a particularly insightful reader sent me the following report on my latest novel, soon to be published (working title: Journey’s End).
“Hi Bob,
Yesterday I curled up with your manuscript and uncurled several hours later, and am now up to chapter 14. I could not stop reading it. It’s just a marvelous piece of writing: it is unfolding like a mystery story, which is perhaps very appropriate given the mystery and uncertainty ofmental illness and mental health care. The writing is intimate, without being swarmy. I also wonder how helpful it might be to families who undergo the upheaval of serious illness. There is no marked trail for handling such crises and this well captures the journey.
“I’ve had to put this aside for awhile, as I have other homework for a book group I joined. I need to finish The Orchardist by Thursday! It would not do to not have my homework done the first time I meet with these people. but then then I can return to the Journey.” ~Pat W.

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