The Author

Robert Lamb. . .mymug

. . .was born in South Carolina, grew up in Georgia, and is a graduate of the University of Georgia. After a career in journalism, last at The Atlanta Constitution, he taught writing and literature courses at the University of South Carolina. He now writes full time, reviews books for The New York Journal of Books, and can be reached at


quillA Word of Thanks:

Writing is a solitary occupation, but the fortunate writer does not go it alone. In my writing, as well as in editing and publishing, I’ve been especially fortunate to have the support and encouragement of friends like Patricia Willer, Mark Stevens, Karen Petit, Liz Newall, Marshall Swanson, Rick Layman, Barry King, Larry Strattner, Sheila Morris, Sherry Browett, and some who are no longer with us: Dave Osier, Beau Cutts, my mother and father, my cousin Barbara Jean Rowley, Lenny and Jeannie Perry, Doug Hale, and Ron Baughman. Not least, I thank my wife Margaret and my four sons, Tyler and Carson, David and Clay, all of whom bear heroically the stigma of having, respectively, a husband and father who writes. — RL

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