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New Novel Out:

And Tell Tchaikovsky the NewsTchaikovskyCoverdavid.313x500

Atlanta teenager Billy Randolph is a talented musician whose wealthy father has sheltered him from all but classical works and the “soft” music played on his local radio station WSOF. But then Mr. Randolph hires a black handyman who happens to own a great collection of rock ‘n’ roll records. In no time at all, Billy is hearing a different drummer and singing a different tune! (For a limited time, available exclusively at


A Majority of One

 This novel is a powerful reminder that not all religious fanatics live in the Middle East. America has its own,  homegrown variety.

When preachers in a Georgia town try to censor books used in the locMajcovresizedal school curriculum, only one person stands up to them: English teacher Anne Brady, a staunch opponent of censorship and a firm believer in the Separation of Church and State. Refusing to “go along to get along,” Anne soon finds herself fighting to save her job and reputation. And by the time her struggle spills into court from a heated school-board meeting, the mood of the county points toward a legal lynching. Or worse. Some of the more zealous defenders of the faith have drifted beyond the reach of law or reason. (Available at

Book trailer, A Majority of One:


Atlanta Blues

A nbookcoverewspaper reporter and two cops search for a missing college coed. The search leads through the underbelly of urban Atlanta to murder and heartbreak.

Atlanta Blues was nominated for the Southern Book Critics Circle Award, made the best-seller list in The (Columbia, S.C.) State, and was named in a year-end round-up of books as “One of The Three Best Novels of the Year (2004) by a Southern Writer — and maybe the best.” (Available at

Book trailer, Atlanta Blues:


Striking Out

Bennie Blake is a 17-year old misfit. Awkward with girls and feeling out of SOthumbplace among both rich and poor, he is locked in mortal combat with the morality of the 1950s, the mystery of female behavior, and the puzzle of where he rightly belongs. Can he find his own place in the world?

Striking Out was nominated for the PEN/Hemingway Award and is still in print. (Available at


Six of One, Half Dozen of Another

Stories and poems from a lifetime of work. Ranging in genre from reality toSixCov. fantasy, the stories show the development of a writer and his style from youth to maturity, with an afterword on the origins of each work. This book is an ideal companion to the author’s novels: Striking Out (A PEN/Hemingway nominee), Atlanta Blues (A Southern Critics Circle Selection), A Majority of One, and his latest: And Tell Tchaikovsky the News. One of the stories in this collection, “R.I.P.,” was a winner in the 2009 South Carolina Fiction Project. (Available at

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